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Testing Nicotine on Animals is Wrong! Stop the Experiments!

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The tobacco industry is at it again! Stop them from conducting harmful nicotine experiments on live animals.

The tobacco industry is at it again. It was recently revealed that tobacco companies are using animals to conduct harmful nicotine experiments. Tobacco testing laboratories use live animals to test the effects of nicotine and tobacco. We all know how destructive these substances are to humans' health, yet these irresponsible tobacco giants are continuing to put animals in danger in favor of nothing more than sheer profit.

These experiments are completely inhumane and only serve to benefit the notorious tobacco industry. We should not be allowing selfish tobacco conglomerates to harm poor, innocent animals any longer. Write to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack asking him to put a stop to these companies' barbarous practices once and for all.

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The Petition:

Dear Secretary Vilsack,

As a concerned animal advocate, I am writing to inform you of the abhorrent practices taking place within big tobacco companies of late. The tobacco industry has been conducting tobacco and nicotine experiments on innocent live animals. They are attempting to test the effects of nicotine.

Don't we already know the effects of nicotine on the human body? Why is it necessary to test its effects on animals? It's common knowledge that nicotine and tobacco cause significant health problems such as cancer, emphysema, and other severe conditions. With this knowledge in mind, it's simply absurd to harm live animals with nicotine testing. It makes no sense at all.

We must fight for the rights of creatures that cannot represent themselves. Nicotine testing on animals serves absolutely no purpose. Please use your power as Secretary of Agriculture to put an end to these cruel experiments.

Thank you for considering my comments.

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The FDA Modernization Act 2.0 authorizes the use of certain alternatives to animal testing, including cell-based assays and computer models, to obtain an exemption from the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the safety and effectiveness of a drug.

The bill also removes a requirement to use animal studies as part of the process to obtain a license for a biological product that is biosimilar or interchangeable with another biological product.

This bill has passed the Senate and faces a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.