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Time is running out for the Olympic Marmot—protect these vital creatures from extinction and preserve the ecological balance of the Olympic Peninsula.

The Olympic Marmot, Washington State's endemic treasure, is on the brink of extinction. This unique species, known affectionately as the "whistle pig," faces threats that could erase its presence from the Olympic Peninsula forever. Without immediate action, the future of these creatures and their habitat remains uncertain.

The Threats Are Real and Growing

Olympic Marmots are crucial to the biodiversity of the Olympic National Park, yet their population has plummeted due to several critical factors. The primary threats include climate change, habitat loss, and increased predation by non-native species, notably coyotes1. As the climate warms, snowpacks diminish earlier, and trees invade the alpine meadows, squeezing the marmots out of their native habitats2. Moreover, the absence of wolves has allowed coyote populations to rise, putting additional pressure on the marmot populations1.

Why Protection Matters

The Olympic Marmot is more than just a charismatic animal; it plays a vital role in the ecosystem. Through their burrowing activities, marmots aerate the soil and help maintain the health of alpine meadows. These meadows are not only crucial for the marmots but also support a wide range of plant and animal species2. Protecting the marmot helps preserve a complex web of life that sustains the Olympic Peninsula's ecological balance.

Conservation Efforts and the Endangered Species Act

To combat these threats, the Center for Biological Diversity has petitioned for the marmots to be listed as either "endangered" or "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This status would catalyze the implementation of recovery plans and stronger legal protections against the factors endangering them1.

The fight to save the Olympic Marmot requires more than awareness—it needs action. By signing the petition to list the Olympic Marmot under the Endangered Species Act, you can help direct resources and attention to this critical cause. Each signature sends a strong message to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: the time to act is now.

Save the Olympic Marmot

Join us in safeguarding these unique creatures and ensuring that future generations can also witness the wonder of the whistle pig in its natural habitat. Sign the petition and help call for necessary conservation measures to protect and revive the Olympic Marmot population.

More on this issue:

  1. Bill Lucia, Washington State Standard (14 May 2024), "Environmentalists seek protections for marmots on Olympic Peninsula."
  2. Lauren Donovan, Fox 13 Seattle (15 May 2024), "Olympic marmot conservation plan: Could reintroducing wolves save the species?."
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The Petition:

To the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Endangered Species,

I am writing to petition for the Olympic Marmot (Marmota olympus) to be granted protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) as either an "endangered" or "threatened" species. The Olympic Marmot, found exclusively in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, faces significant threats that jeopardize its survival. Immediate action is necessary to ensure the conservation of this unique and vital species.

The Olympic Marmot population has experienced severe declines in recent years, primarily due to habitat loss, climate change, and predation by non-native species. Warming temperatures and changing snowfall patterns affect the marmots' hibernation cycles and food availability, leading to decreased survival rates. Additionally, habitat encroachment and human activities further fragment their living spaces, isolating populations and hindering genetic diversity.

The Olympic Marmot plays a crucial role in its ecosystem. As a keystone species, its burrowing activities aerate the soil and influence plant distribution, supporting the overall health and biodiversity of the alpine meadows it inhabits. Protecting the Olympic Marmot will also safeguard the myriad other species that rely on these habitats.

By extending ESA protections to the Olympic Marmot, we can implement critical conservation measures such as habitat restoration, control of invasive species, and climate adaptation strategies. These actions will not only help stabilize and recover marmot populations but will also contribute to the resilience of the entire ecosystem.

Ensuring the survival of the Olympic Marmot is an investment in our natural heritage and biodiversity. Protecting this species under the ESA will help secure a better future for our environment and the generations to come. We urge the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife to take immediate action to grant these protections and lead the way in preserving our nation's precious wildlife.

Thank you for considering this petition.


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