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Stop Cruel Tests and Save Lives With Queenie's Law

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Join the fight to turn the tide against animal cruelty in labs; sign to make Queenie's Law a reality and support a future where research advances without harm.

In the state of Michigan, a groundbreaking legislation named Queenie's Law (HB 4849) is on the brink of changing the fate of countless animals subjected to painful experiments.

This law, inspired by the heart-wrenching story of Queenie, a dog who suffered in the name of research at Wayne State University, seeks to bring an end to the cruel treatment of dogs and cats in publicly funded institutions1.

Queenie's ordeal is not a solitary case but a reflection of a widespread issue in scientific research, where animals endure invasive procedures without significant outcomes for human health. The proposed legislation aims to protect our beloved animals from unnecessary pain and champion humane alternatives to animal testing2.

The Harsh Reality Behind Lab Doors

Meredith Blanchard, from the National Anti-Vivisection Society, has shared with us the grim reality behind laboratory doors, where animals like Queenie are subjected to severe distress for experiments that often yield no tangible benefits3. The time has come to challenge the status quo and advocate for a science that respects all living beings.

A Call for Ethical Science

Queenie's Law is more than legislation; it's a moral imperative that calls for compassion and ethical responsibility towards animals. It confronts the loopholes in existing animal cruelty laws that leave research animals unprotected, pushing for stringent oversight and accountability in animal research4.

The support for Queenie's Law is not just about saving animals in Michigan; it's a stepping stone towards a national movement for the ethical treatment of animals in laboratories across all 50 states. By backing this law, we are not only giving a voice to the voiceless but also promoting a shift towards innovative research methods that do not harm animals.

Take Action Now

Your voice matters. Join us in this pivotal moment to stand up for animals like Queenie and push for the passage of Queenie's Law in Michigan. Let's work together to advocate for a future where scientific progress does not come at the cost of animal suffering.

Sign the petition today and be part of a compassionate movement that seeks to ensure a healthier, happier future for all beings.

More on this issue:

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The Petition:

To the Esteemed Members of the Michigan Congress,

We, the undersigned, urge you to pass Queenie's Law (HB 4849) in Michigan, a vital piece of legislation named after Queenie, a dog who endured severe suffering in laboratory experiments at Wayne State University. Queenie's story is a tragic example of the broader issue of animal cruelty in research settings, highlighting the urgent need for legal protections for animals subjected to invasive and painful procedures in the name of science.

This law aims to prohibit painful experiments on dogs and cats in publicly funded institutions across Michigan, setting a precedent for humane treatment and ethical considerations in scientific research. It challenges the status quo, where animals are used in experiments that often result in significant suffering or death, without substantial benefits to human health.

By supporting Queenie's Law, you have the power to prevent countless animals from enduring unnecessary pain and to promote the development and use of alternative research methods that do not rely on animal testing. This legislation not only reflects the compassionate values of our society but also aligns with the growing public demand for ethical scientific practices.

We also advocate for the enactment of similar laws across all 50 states, ensuring that the protections afforded to animals like Queenie are not limited by geographical boundaries. The passage of Queenie's Law in Michigan can serve as a beacon for the rest of the nation, demonstrating a commitment to progress, compassion, and innovation in research.

Supporting Queenie's Law and advocating for its principles nationwide will contribute to a healthier, happier future for all beings, fostering a research environment that respects life and advances science without cruelty.


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