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Supporting Our Veterans

Signature Programs that Support Our Veterans

At the heart of GreaterGood's mission to help people, pets, and the planet is a rich variety of effective, carefully-vetted charitable programs. Several of our Signature Programs focus on amplifying the good by feeding and caring for veterans.
When you click the “Click to Give” button on The Veterans Site or GreaterGood or play Games that Give and Trivia to Give, GreaterGood funds food and supplies for U.S. veterans.
Learn more about all the projects our signature program, Supporting Our Veterans, funds below and how they are improving the lives of veterans. See updates from these important programs here.

Signature Programs

Feeding Veterans

Gaining access to adequate food should not be something people who have served our country have to worry about. OurFeeding Veterans program provides meals to veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect our country.
According to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, approximately 25% of active duty and reserves seek aid from food pantries and other charitable organizations.
Increased food insecurity is associated with a range of adverse health outcomes such as poorer control of diabetes, hypertension, depression, and other major psychiatric disorders, and the combination of these challenges can lead to a downward spiral for those who have sacrificed their lives for our country.
That’s why we're providing support to partners on the ground who make sure our nation’s veterans and service members have access to nutritious meals. Join us in honoring veterans by providing nutritious meals across the country. From California to New York, together we can help improve veterans' access to daily nutritious meals and lighten their burden.

Housing for Veterans

GreaterGood supportsRescue Rebuild, a program of Greater Good Charities whose mission is to provide aid to shelters in order to improve the lives of animals by participating in outreach trips, collecting supplies for shelters and educating the public on proper animal care.
In the United States, around 37.8k veterans are sleeping on the streets on any given night. Many of these veterans rely on pets as comfort companions. We are in need of your help to build a Safe Haven that includes their comfort pets!
According to the National Coalition on Homelessness, many homeless Americans have pets, many of them veterans. The majority of these animals are family pets and in the same situation as their human companions.
Homeless shelters in many communities are a resource for people who need food and shelter while they work to find employment and get off the street. Unfortunately, a large majority of homeless shelters do not allow pets on their property. So, homeless pet owners are faced with an unimaginable decision each night—either stay with their pet outside and brave the elements for the night, or check into the shelter and leave their pet behind.
Rescue Rebuild is providing housing for homeless veterans that accommodate pets. All housing will be built from the ground up. We believe no pet or homeless American should be left behind. By retrofitting homeless shelters to accept pets, we can ensure more people get the help they need, and that more pets are saved in the process. 

Good Packs for Vets and Pets

Tragically, homelessness is a major problem affecting America’s veterans.
Due to a lack of affordable housing, limited post-service job opportunities, and inadequate care for veterans with physical or mental conditions, tens of thousands of men and women who once heroically protected our country now find themselves in poverty on American streets, needing assistance for even basic essentials until they can get back on their feet.
Many homeless veterans are also caring for a beloved animal companion. These animals provide emotional support and comfort, yet the responsibility can bring added stress to a homeless veteran’s life.
Good Packs purchased for homeless veterans and their beloved pets let them know they have not been forgotten by the country they served.
Each homeless veteran comfort pack includes essential items to help recipients care for themselves, and pet pack includes items to help them care for their pet.
You can make the strongest impact by providing a combined pack to provide everything listed above for both a veteran in need and their pet. Let them know that we remember their sacrifice, and we will continue to work until every veteran is cared for appropriately.

Do more...

Your actions can make a huge difference in the lives of veterans.
Remember to click daily at GreaterGood.com to continue to help with vital projects around the world. Together we change the world!

Updates From the Field

Providing Hot, Nourishing Meals to Veterans

Your clicks and donations help fund programs that provide essential supplies to veterans in need.

Almost 3 million vets and their families don't have enough to eat each month. This is on top of the physical, mental, and emotional trauma many veterans contend with every day.

Many community resources in the United States are facing cramped spaces, low funds, and lack of awareness about the sheer number of vets who are homeless and the challenges that stand in their way. This means that many veterans don't have anywhere to turn.

GreaterGood.org has partnered with charities across the nation to help address this issue, working with organizations that host community food pantries — as well as those delivering door-to-door — to make sure our deserving veterans have easy access to food.

Since 2011, clicks alone have provided over 778,000 meals to our vets! That's not even including direct donations.

Thanks to your clicks and donations, veterans around the U.S. have easier access to hot meals and know that there are people rooting for their success.

GOODS Helps People & Pets In Crisis

GOODS Ambassadors help distribute donated food, clothing, toys, and essential supplies to people in need.

Rescue Bank is expanding to become GOODS, offering critical support to help pets and people in need. GOODS will help pets (homeless and owned), families facing economic hardships, homeless populations, veterans, domestic violence survivors, and victims of disasters –-while continuing to provide food and crucial support for shelter pets.

"The GOODS program will be really looking to help people and animals, no longer just people helping animals," said Tara Loller, Vice President, Pet Programs for GOODS. "So, it won't just be shelters. It won't be just rescues. It's food banks. It's VA's, it's domestic violence shelters, and other non-profits municipal organizations that really need the help in their communities. The giving will just increase."

The GOODS program works by sourcing and managing excess, re-branded, and short-dated food and supplies from donors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, and then making those products available via qualified distributors (aka Ambassadors) to organizations in need.

GOODS Ambassadors help distribute donated food, clothing, toys, and essential supplies throughout our vast distribution network, which includes thousands of charitable partners, animal welfare organizations, food banks, VA locations, and other qualified agencies.

With GreaterGood's steady support, GOODS can quickly distribute critical aid to help those in need. "For those that are visiting the site and able to participate and help, all of those clicks matter, and it adds up quickly," she said. Thanks for helping us support this life-saving program!